Microsoft Windows 7 on Godfinger All-Stars

With the holiday season fast approaching, Microsoft realized that it was competing for mindshare with fun new technologies and devices (e.g. iPads/iPhones, gaming systems, flat screen TVs, etc.). However, the technology hub of our lives, the PC, wasn't in this consideration set. It was still viewed as a utilitarian device people purchase when they need a new one, not something people buy to treat themselves or proactively upgrade.

Microsoft needed to change that. They needed to make shopping for, buying and using a PC fun again. The goal was to drive preference and purchase intent for Windows 7 PCs. Enter appssavvy.

appssavvy's campaign focused on one key feature of Windows 7: the Windows Cloud. The Windows Cloud allows tech trendsetters, savvy socials and go getters to access all their files and personal content from anywhere, create content on the go, and share their files and lives with anyone. The idea was to bring this concept to life digitally.

The objective was two-fold: make it big and make it real. Big meant focus on high impact and high reach opportunities in premium environments, as well as bring media and content to life in new and surprising ways, to create a moment and excitement for the product. Real meant integrate key functionality in media environments to highlight Windows 7 and the cloud benefits, as well as educating consumers on the cloud itself.

The strategy was to leverage a large tech savvy audience already engaged in social activity in the form of mobile social gaming. With 20 million installs across the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and an average of 33 minutes spent per user per day, ngmoco's GodFinger All-Stars was identified as the perfect environment to promote Windows 7.

In GodFinger All-Stars, you control your own planet. The aim of the game is to expand your planet, earn money, buy structures and gain experience to level up. Most importantly, GodFinger All-Stars is inherently social, as you have the ability to visit your friends' planets and help them out as well.

appssavvy, in partnership with Universal McCann, helped Microsoft join forces with ngmoco to add value to the game play of tens of millions of GodFinger All-Stars players by bringing the Windows Cloud to life within the game. Players could visit the Windows Cloud in the same way that they visited their friends' planets, and they earned valuable in-game currency for doing so. From the Windows Cloud, users could to click through to a mobile landing page to learn more about creating, connecting and sharing through Windows 7 and Windows Live tips, videos and special offers.

This first-of-its-kind program on any ngmoco title ran for six weeks in late 2010 through early 2011 and generated significant publicity and conversation across various publications such as SocialTimes, MediaBistro, MediaPost, EngageDigital, Digiday, and brandchannel. Read the press release here.

"There is a place for meaningful brand advertising in mobile games, as demonstrated today by Microsoft, the overall experience has been enhanced through a combination of understanding the player activity taking place and creating the delivery to work seamlessly and meaningfully within that activity," said Chris Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of appssavvy.

Clive Downie, vice president of marketing at ngmoco said, "Today's first integration is tremendously exciting, not only for our games, but especially the millions of people that play them."  


The six-week promotion generated awareness at a massive scale, delivering more than 140 million total impressions.

10 percent of all GodFinger All-Stars players visited the Windows Cloud, for a total of 6.1 million visits to the Windows Cloud.

Furthermore, there were 690,000 clicks from the Windows Cloud to the Windows 7 mobile landing page (11 percent CTR).

The campaign also proved tremendously successful at driving mobile ad awareness, message association and consideration intent, according to a third-party study performed by InsightExpress. The 700-person study reported a 270 percent lift in mobile ad awareness, a 182 percent lift in message association and a 25 percent lift in consideration intent, significantly outperforming InsightExpress's Mobile AdInsightNorms across all categories.

Most importantly, over 80 percent of those who experienced the promotion and will be shopping for a new computer within the next three months said they will consider purchasing Windows 7, a 94 percent lift.

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