What the appssavvy Social Activity Platform Is And How It Works

In today’s digital advertising world, advertisers and agencies, for the most part, market in social media much like they approach the online channel, and for that matter, the offline channel – by interrupting users in order to get across a brand message.

Advertisers are spending billions of dollars on Facebook and mobile display ads, creating company Pages and Twitter accounts and saying, “We do social media!” But there's really nothing “social” about most of these strategies and tactics. At appssavvy we recognize that, “Social isn’t about media… it’s about activity.”

Social media is an incredible opportunity for advertisers, but the digital playbook – as it currently stands – is broken. In social, people are in charge! appssavvy believes that before engaging in any social media, you must first understand what people are doing, then plan your advertising strategy accordingly.

This approach by appssavvy, over the course of more than 500 campaigns (and a handful of awards) based on people’s activities, led to the creation of the appssavvy Social Activity Platform, which unlocks what people are doing in social and creates a new advertising inventory to connect advertisers with hard to reach audiences in relevant ways.

The Social Activity Platform serves ad impressins against activity rather than content. Publishers and application developers identify ad-enabled activities, just as they would designate space on a page for traditional online ad inventory. Upon completion of an enabled activity, a social ad is delivered. These ads combine brand messaging through video and interactive media with social calls to action such as sharing, following or Like-ing. Social activity ads typically follow the flow below:

How Does The appssavvy Social Activity Platform Accomplish Business Goals

Survey after survey of CMOs find “social media” their top priority. This isn’t surprising, as social is not only a new and massive opportunity, but one with tremendous upside to achieve marketing’s ultimate objective: one-to-one conversations.

Rethinking the delivery and reception of advertising is a fundamental first step and that is exactly what the appssavvy Social Activity Platform delivers by focusing advertiser’s attention on activities – what people are doing – rather than the media itself.

The appssavvy Social Activity Platform enables brands to spread their message to more than 127 million people performing 1.4 billion social activities each month and growing. It does so by connecting them with people when they’re actively engaged, creating and sharing, and the opportunity for earned media, which social enables more so than any other advertising capability available today.

The appssavvy Social Activity Platform accomplishes brands’ goals in social media through performance that rivals Paid Search and outperforms Display Ads by a multiple of 11 and more than doubles Rich Media, according to appssavvy research at socialactivityindex.com.

Video of how the appssavvy Social Activity Platform works